Monday, May 28, 2007

HELLO hello Hello! ....

Sometimes I think I'm losing my mind - or maybe everyone laughs at flowers. I picked up this bunch of germinis at the grocery store tonight ... when I tried to put them in the vase, they seemed like a crowd of rather perky but slightly dim party-goers constantly greeting each other - they just kept facing each other in a completely unruly arrangement no matter what I did. The photo makes them look far more dignified than they actually are.

Speaking of flowers, the Bunkle is blossoming up. This has been an incredible year for rhododendrons - the flowers are so lush it verges on obscene - and I have a nice red one outside. The deck is now graced by a lovely yellow calla lily thanks to Mum, and I have planted a big concrete planter outside - photos to come later. Provided my neglect doesn't kill them, they should make for a pretty show in a few weeks.

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Janice said...

OMG the flowers are hilarious. They are ... standoffish!!