Saturday, November 29, 2008

The things I've been doing....

1) Working. Too much. Though less than a few weeks ago.

2) Reading this (need some escapism after point 1. And who doesn't love a slightly homoerotic military dragon story?)

3) Booking a trip here - for work (see point 1.), the second week of December. LOVE this city. Having been caught in the airport there for about 14 hours due to a winter snow storm (with nothing to do but stare at a taxidermy tiger that they have in a glass case in the waiting area) I do NOT love this city in winter. I do NOT love the fact that it will take longer to get there than it does to fly to London. Workmates in Halifax tell me there is now a pub at the airport. Which means next time I can be drunk staring at a taxidermy tiger. Great....

4) Watching this. Well worth it. And this. Winston always, always makes me smile.

5) Fainting on the bus home from work. Related to Point 1 perhaps? Now suffering terribly embarrassing post-faint visions of exactly what I looked like when that happened.

6) Becoming strangely obsessed with this blog - partly for lovely straight-ear scottish fold (like Miss Mags) Maru, partly for the great english translations, but more because the environment is so incredibly white, clean, and cat fur how is this possible? If I watch long enough, maybe i will figure it out...

7) Falling in love with these pieces by local artist Arleigh Wood - which I am happy to say, after this weekend, will officially be mine. Here's hoping nothing major at the house goes wrong, as my contingency fund is now pretty much gone.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Just not feeling it...

Not in the mood to post really. I have flashes of energy, but they pass. Think I am still dealing with dealing with too much crap. And it is crap, when you consider the major things others are dealing with.

Until I get my blogging mojo back, here is a clip form the Rock Plaza Central/Jason Collett gig from a couple of weeks back.


Saturday, November 08, 2008

Did someone say banjo? Episode #8 - Mumford and Sons, White Blank Page

It's time for more banjo, care of Mumford and Sons. Not only does Marcus Mumford have a great name, his voice ain't half bad either.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

The king has a new throne

Yes, the new chair arrived. Still not 100% sure about it but I think it will work out.

It took Thomas about two minutes after the delivery to hop up. He hasn't hopped down since. He seems to understand how well it matches his eyes. In fact, it is like a big grid of Thomas eyes (crazy work days are not doing my mind any favours).

Maggie did try to wander by and investigate, but she got a quick swat on the head from the Newly Enthroned One and skittered off. No worries - We the Banished will stay on the couch instead....