Thursday, May 10, 2007

Divine Right

The concept of Divine Right incorporates the broader concept of "royal God-given rights", which simply says that "the right to rule is anointed by God (or gods)," this is found in many other cultures including Aryan and Egyptian traditions.

Cats originated in Egypt. Maybe that explains it.

That is the new couch. With it's new occupant. Who seems to know she matches it pretty well. Which may explain why she just about took my hand off when I tried to remove her.

The den seems to be All Couch - I am so used to seeing that (tiny) room nearly empty that such a big piece of furniture was a bit overwhelming at first. Unfortunately the cutest part of the couch (the way it looks from the side) is impossible to see in the small room, but that apparently doesn't lessen it's appeal as a lying-down spot...

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