Sunday, October 29, 2006

Just fighting with how to deal with uploaded photos / text with this photo of the inimitable Miss Mags. Can I get this damned stuff to wrap? Argh.

Cats both had dental work this week. Yes, dental work. Why is it that when I was a kid everyone had a cat that lived to twenty and only went to the vet if it tried to make friends with a car/dog/racoon? My cats now have cleaner teeth than I do, and I can no longer afford that new dishwasher....
Well, so much for keeping up with this blogging stuff. I have been living in the Bunkle since the end of June, and after a rocky start to our relationship (sewer backup, electrical breakdowns, cranky furnaces) we are coming to some sort of mutual understanding.

The biggest news is that I have a bedroom!! One with walls AND a floor (that sounds so simple, but really, it is a momentous thing). To give you and idea what we were starting with - nasty bad carpet, under which we found half plywood / half very sad and abused fir flooring. There was also a weird angled corner wall. Floor obviously came up, and wall went the way of the dodo.

Neither would have been possible without the help of my dear pals who not only helped me destroy, they put down new flooring and walked me through a brilliant reno moment - step 1: being thrown sideways into the wall as I tried in desperation to manhandle a crazed floor sander; step 2: weeping hysterical phonecall to uber-dear pal A. ; step 3: swooping in of super-hero friend (brother of udp A.) who in 2 hours managed to sand my floor into the perfect, perfect, perfect floor. I love it. Love it.