Monday, May 21, 2007


I am taking a week off and much is happening at the Bunkle. The big thing - PAINT in the livingroom and diningroom, which up to this point have been mint green circa 1994 ... you get a sense of it in this snap of Miss Mags - what you cannot see is that the ceiling is this colour as well - a nice 90s touch. Of course, I was too much of a dough brain to take a proper 'before' shot of the livingroom/diningroom (I do have some, but they are on my PC not on my Mac), but you get the idea. Should also mention that the diningroom has been half green, half white primer which covered up new drywall for the last 6 months. So - family gave me the best birthday gift possible - A PAINTER! He is great, tidy, fast, and that rare thing with trades, seemingly without tics or quirks. He pops by tomorrow morning to finish off, but I am thrilled with how it looks so far. He did two coats on the ceiling and one on the walls of two rooms in 5 hours. Would have taken me 2 days. The colour is very very similar to the bedroom, but a little less yellow - kind of a putty colour, should be a nice warm neutral backdrop. The photos don't do it justice. Once I get everything back in place and some pictures (yay, my art!) on the walls I will take some more. Should also mention that Thomas is thrilled by the reappearance of painters tape, and spends most of his time trying to gnarl it off the floor where I've used it to put down some paper on the floors. Takes all kinds.

I had some complaints about how dark my shots of the couch/Mags were, so here is a typical Maggie -no-eyes flash shot. More soon.....

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