Thursday, June 20, 2013

AWOL. And that may not stop for a bit.

Yes, it has been a long LONG time since I've posted. I really haven't felt like it, and it may be some time before I feel like it again - or, I may suddenly get the bug and post something interesting. Really hard to tell. Life has been ... well, sort of good, and sort of terrifying. Good: a trip back to Ontario for work, and more importantly for play. I spent some great GREAT quality time with a lot of different pals over a four day period, and my dear pals M&M let me crash in their newly renovated basement, which was so very appreciated. Toronto has changed so much, but my fabulous friends have not. Reconnecting is so important. I will do it much more often. And in other news, I may be dealing with the ground completely shifting under me soon. It is somewhat terrifying, somewhat sad (strangely...), and - potentially - somewhat exciting, if I don't sink into a black hole along the way. Either way, I know there are going to be some hard times ahead. When the dust settles, or becomes clearer, I will let you know how it turns out.