Sunday, April 06, 2014

A very happy birthday

Hard to believe - yes, a new post, albeit brief.  I'm finally over the jet lag from a short trip to Tunbridge Wells to celebrate a certain uncle's 80th birthday.  A surprise for him, and fun for Mum and me - and a chance to reconnect with family we don't see nearly often enough.  And, thanks to the joys of technology, a chance to play games of Letterpress with the unwavering competitive focus that my family brings to ... well, anything you can be competitive about.

And a chance to see large men in padded spiderman suits.

I feel incredibly lucky to have had opportunities to travel. I now have a little pile of books of trips with my Mum that bring back some really special memories.  There have been a number of deaths in the periphery of my social circle over the last few weeks, and the very unexpected nature of all of them really knocked me for six.   It  has made me oh so grateful that we can't see the future, and all the more determined to appreciate what  - and who - I have in my life now.