Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Dirty little secrets

While work slowly but steadily progresses inside the Bunkle, nada has happened outside. It's a disgrace, but I have a whole raft of excuses (he dog ate my shovel; I refuse to discriminate against plants just because others call them 'weeds'....) Not sure what my neighbours (one of whom is a landscaper) think of me (well, actually I can guess - she has offered repeatedly to do something to my garden...). Luckily the other neighbour is a little old lady that has let her garden run even wilder than mine, so hopefully the horrified glances of passers by dwell there, not on the bunkle. I do like gardening, but have never had to deal with chaos quite this bad. The worst of it is at the back of the house, and I figured I would cut my gardening /weed pulling teeth out there. I removed two unnamed ratty looking shrubs, an incredible volume of chives, a lawn's worth of grass, and dandelions so large that I suspect they may actually be the origin of the species. Next comes the other side, which is an incredible forest of horse-tails, mixed with grass, dandelions, and lord knows what else. The mud-patch from yesterday's efforts still needs some (lots of) attention, but it's a start. I have no idea where to start with deciding what to plant back here. Those are supposed to be fun decisions though, right? It will be more fun once the garden is properly cleaned out. And would be more fun if my lower back didn't chronically twinge. Ahh well.

One day, one day, there will be fences and all sorts of other great stuff behind my place. One day.

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Tracy said...

oh how i would like to dig with you... it is all looking so good! (sometimes it is hard to step back and really see it - i know!) xo