Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yes, I still have a cat!

I keep referring to the fact that I have "cats" even though I am now down to one.  Maggie (aka Moo, Miss Moo, Miss Mags, Piggy, Wee Girlie, etc.) is still very much a part of day to day life - though I'm happy to say there is slightly less of her thanks to her fat cat diet.   She is a more vocal, clingier version of herself now she lives solo, but that's just fine.  This snap is a good example of Saturday mornings on the couch for Mags and The Boy.  Yes, she has him wrapped around her paw as well.

And in other news, I bought this today - something about his wee tail just called out to me.

And yes, I have obviously lost my blogging mojo right now. I am sure I have something more important to say, but I just can't figure out what that might be.  So, inane nattering and a shot of Moo will have to do for now.  Sorry! (not really, just being polite)

Monday, April 04, 2011

I need a shell to get me back in the game...

I have been a terribly inconsistent blogger.  I have thought about it, but life has been full, of good things and hard things, and I just haven't had the energy.  But I will! Again!  I promise!  And I figured I would share Marcel the Shell with you just to buy myself a bit more time, and because I love the weird cuteness of it.

In other news, it was Dad's memorial last Friday, on his birthday.  It went well.  And I think it has helped bring some closure...but I guess time will tell on that front.

More.  Soon.  Really!