Monday, November 27, 2006

Snow Day

There is about one foot of the heavy white stuff outside. As per my Mum's request I took some snaps of the place yesterday, but there is much more outside today. The tree is from this morning though. The sad thing is that I left my very nice snow shovel in Toronto (I was moving to an apartment in Vancouver - why would I need a snow shovel, and where the heck would I store it?). Did a bit of shovelling with my collapsable car snow shovel, crouched over like a troll because the shovel is so short, and of course today my back has something to say about it.

Working from home today. It's a snow day after all (and Thom managed to convince me I really shouldn't be leaving the house....).


Anonymous said...

"snow day" so jealous. house looks perfect!

Anonymous said...

Thom convinced you to stay in? You just didn't want to navigate transit today unlike the brave soul that is me!

Anonymous said...

The house looks like it could be in Muskoka (in late summer).

Beautiful, the house.