Sunday, November 05, 2006

Thomas' Eye View.....

First, apologies for not allowing non-blogger comments. Rookie error.

It's time for room two - the den (which was, for a while, my office/bedroom...did I mention I have a BEDROOM now?). Figured I'd let Thomas give the tour, starting from the location of cat contemplation, the Cat Bag.

I'm not sure the rest need that much commentary. There are consistencies between the images if you look closely enough: 1) look of feline shock & disdain; 2) beauty of old refinished-by-my-fair-hands fir floor; 3) hideousness of rest of room.

Special things that I am considering keeping as 'features' of the room: pink paper door to bathroom with special cat slit for impromptu cat visits during showers etc; splintered & ripped door trim and semi-removed baseboard; weird patches of test paint scattered randomly over walls; and Thomas' strangely pigeon-toed feet (look at the second photo - closely). I should mention that last weekend I stripped off a very special wallpaper border (dreamy stars and suns) so I am unable to demonstrate the room's true original beauty. One thing I would like to point out is the one thing that the previous owner left behind that I truly appreciate (unlike the extra dishwasher; rodent traps; bike; creepy kids toys; miniature fire hats; old paint; broken carpet steamer; large plastic penguins....I'll stop) - and that is the big cardboard wardrobe box that has been an incredibly useful floor pad during many moments of this insane project. Yes, that is my little friend leaning up against the wall in the den.

I am guessing that the room make-over will commence next weekend. Will keep you posted. And hopefully Thomas will approve.


Anonymous said...

another good lookin' kitty cat!
those floors are gorgeous!!! xo

BunkleLife said...

my handsome boy. Brain the size of an acorn, but handsome none the less ;-). Re-reading my blog I see I've called him pigeon-toed...he is the exact opposite (pigeon-ankled?) ;-)

Anonymous said...

Shadow says "hi" to Thomas. He's looking well as is your house.