Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Transformation: #2 Nausea Heartburn Indigestion....

Busy weekend. Room went from grey-purple grunge colour to hideous pepto pink (primer, not permanent...and I was warned about the colour ) Learned a couple of things: Glad Press n' Seal works as a fantastic paint tray liner - so much better than foil (my sewer system is as delicate as a ... oh, I don't know but it's irritating and it means I am super careful about making sure nothing bad - including water soluble paint - goes down the drain. Mr. Roto Rooter was really nice and all, but I don't want to see him again anytime soon....)

Then managed to move on to fantastic fantastic oh I love it red...two coats, and to my amazement I think I've only got one more to do (went into this having just acted as sous-painter to my pal A in a red room that took 8 coats - and some talking A off Please Make It Stop ledge - to cover). It is a very rich, brick slightly soaked in blood colour. Strangely, that isn't how the colour is marketed.

The weekend's life lessons: I hate painting ceilings; if you put red paint on too heavily with a roller it will start to slide down the wall in the creepiest blood-like sheets; I apparently have a palsy I didn't realize that is clearly demonstrated by the cutting in of the wall paint at the ceiling; I know the lyrics to way too many folk songs, as revealed by my ability to sing(?) along with the entire Folk Roots digital music station playlist; and the friendly, unfocused gaze of Ted, my Mum's childhood bear - attired in a red velvet childhood dress of mine, with fur becomingly trimmed by my brothers - who happened to be sitting on top of a cd case just outside the den can startle me enough to almost make me lose my balance on the painting ladder.

It's coming, it's coming. And I'm soooo glad.

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Anonymous said...

ah now the pepto pink makes sense!

love that last shot of ted