Sunday, November 19, 2006

Cosy things...

Well, it isn't The Transformation #3 as I haven't had time to put the third coat of red on. Next weekend, next weekend. Days need to be much longer than they are, and I need to have much more energy than I have.

Busy weekend though. Friday night was a fundraiser for DOXA. A good night with some good pals. And for those pals that were volunteer-slaves that night - thank you thank you. I was taken with a lovely hand-made quilt that seemed to call out that it needed to be part of The Bunkle ...and after quite a bidding war (terminated by my pal A. threatening the other bidder with bodily harm ... I love my friends...!) , I am the very happy owner of this beautiful piece of craftsmanship. I think it is actually going to reside on the bedroom wall for a bit, hiding an unwanted door that pokes up behind the head of my bed (the layout of my place is ... odd. Let's leave it at that) .

Also spent time with A. trolling the craft fairs and celebrating J's 40th birthday - a spread of wine and cheese that boggled the mind ... much fun. So - all in all, not a weekend I can complain about (if I could just learn to let go enough to not feel frustrated about the lack of red coat #3 that is ...).

And finally, this weekend's life lesson: when ordering vietnamese curry beef soup, ask them to hold the tendon.


Anonymous said...

oooh gorgeous quilt! sounds like a pretty good weekend indeed. thinking i need "let go" tattooed on my forearm... xo

Unknown said...

I LOVE that quilt!! I want it! How much will you sell it for??? No, I'm not kidding.

You know where to find me.

Anonymous said...

Think I figured out what the D in DOXA stands for.