Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Transformation: #1

Rememberance Day...
Mike's birthday.

Time to start on the den. Thomas' tips for anyone painting (or drywalling, or...) a room with a wood floor: use roofing paper to cover the floor - no slippy moving dropsheets necessary. Actually that's my reason for using paper. Thom's reason is that unlike true dropsheets, the paper is taped down with cat-gnarl-worthy painters tape . Bets are on that I will wake up to find wet, chewed lumps of the stuff tomorrow morning.

So - today I've: ripped off the baseboards; ripped off splintered remains of a piece of door trim that was adhered with at least one full tube of caulking, which made for a pretty cartoon like sproinging back of the trim every time I tried to pull it off. Also patched the walls and primed the ceiling. Tomorrow...who knows, hoping to put on a coat of pepto-pink primer and get a coat of ceiling paint on.

And - a minor miracle - Maggie has EYES!!

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Anonymous said...

go maggie! go den! (pepto pink?) xo