Sunday, August 12, 2012

If you have more than one nemesis, do you have nemesi?

A quick post just because I haven't in a while - and it certainly isn't because I haven't had things to blog about (family reunion? Toronto pals' visit? The return of my brother's missing child...I mean cat...). I guess I just haven't had energy, because I've been expending it elsewhere, with gusto or reluctance, depending on the circumstance.

But back to the nemesis. Actually, Maggie's nemesis, not mine. I think I will call him Cecil, for no really good reason other than he looks like a Cecil. His days are spent, at least in part, making goofy faces at Maggie through the window. She is probably double his size, and has a face that does "indignant" extremely well, so she has been poofing herself up and attempting to look as indignant as possible a fair amount these days. From what I can tell, that's just makes it much more fun for him. And, truthfully, for me too.

The other big news is my closet - which is coming along really awesomely well, i LOVE it so far. Well, except the iron holder I just mounted isn't big enough for my iron (note to self: check these things before drilling holes into your wall). It's been a lot of work, and a fair chunk of money as well, but the calm I feel when I go in there and see everything so comfortably in its place makes it worth while.

And I will end off by saying this sunny weather is amazing. I love the rhythm of my weekend mornings in this weather, up while it is still quiet, out for some exercise before the rest of the world starts interfering with's good. My pal Ale and I had a discussion about happiness the other day, and how it seems to land on you for a while and then flee completely ... or land on you while you watch your friends go through terrible things. Right now, I'm somewhere in its outer circle - but I will take what I can get while it lasts.

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