Thursday, August 16, 2012

Waiting for the plumber...

Actually, now I'm waiting for the plumber to finish and leave - he's been here almost three hours already (ka-CHING!).  The hot water pressure in my tub suddenly dropped, so I had to get someone in to look at it.  It took a fair amount of trouble shooting but it looks like the problem is the valve in the pipe coming out of my hot water tank - so, pipe has been sawed off, plumber now attaching a new pipe.  I am not looking forward to the bill for this one.  Not.  I have gone a bit crazy on the spending recently (Coach bag - whee! Plane fare to Portland - whee! My continually improving closet - whee! Clothes - whee!) and am also planning to rebuild my chimney this year (I'm waiting on a quote for that), so I guess the plumber is just one more expense ... nothing to worry about I guess, provided I don't lose my job any time soon?

If nothing else, Maggie enjoyed waiting for the plumber (she loves the bath mat these days).  Her expression will become even more glowering when we go to the vet for a nail trim later today...hopefully this time she won't try to recreate scenes from the Exorcist on the examination table.

Note the tail wag

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