Sunday, August 26, 2012

Can you say "s#itty"?

Yes, Thursday I was happy, and happily out of focus with some good pals after a night of burgs (lettuce wrapped for the GF crowd) and fries (if Romer's does one thing really well, it's their fries)

And Friday, well, that was pretty great too - a siblings night out watching Maureen sing at the Cellar. I haven't seen her perform since I moved back from Toronto (come to think of it, I'm not sure I've seen any vocal jazz since I moved back) and she was great - right on her game, with a fistful of great new tunes and a fantastic backing band supporting her. A really great night.  And her new CD will be out in the fall, which is something else to look forward to.
And Saturday? Well, it started ok, with my regular weekend exercise and trip to Mum's. Well, with the caveat that my laundry tubs backed up. Mum and I took a closer look, and decided that once again, my sewer line had failed me. So - it spun into an afternoon of sewer line auguring and stress. And expense. And the realization that I have to decide whether to do one more repair on the line (another pipe section destroyed by the neighbours stupid f$&king red maple - no offense, tree, but I'm not your biggest fan), or bite the bullet and replace the whole line - which really does need to be done, in a perfect world. My sewer line is not properly graded (read: has dipping "belly" that collects water and gunk - I'm ok with my own dipping belly but the sewer line is another story), and has too many repairs between old crap pipe and new plastic pipe, and the joins and old pipe just keep on failing. Yesterday's plumbing company were pushy and annoying so I am going to get more quotes before doing anything, but to give you an idea, their quoted repair would be over 2K and the replacement, 7K. I do OK financially, but an unplanned 7K expense is enough to make me sweat. Particularly when I am bracing to spend a whack getting my chimney rebuilt in the next month or so. OH this is the reason people cohabit - to share the joys of home ownership? ;)
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