Sunday, April 26, 2009

I'm back...

Have to admit, I'm writing this more out of some absurd sense of duty than anything. I just haven't felt like writing recently. Maybe this will kick me out of my current blog-funk, who knows...

So - what has been going on over the last week?

  • I saw Studies in Motion at the Playhouse last weekend. Absolutely stunning to watch, and unfortunately the last day of the run or I would have been telling you to GO.
  • Spent three hours with Leonard Cohen last Sunday. The man is a marvel at 74. Or at least he seems more spry than I am. Fantastic concert. I didn't bother taking video footage for once as the whole thing is pretty much reproduced on the Leonard Cohen Live in London DVD that was just released.
  • I ordered this for my bathroom...step one in the upcoming renovation that you are bound to read about in the coming weeks/months ...
  • I have finally ordered lighting for the kitchen. This and this to be exact. This unfortunately does not mean that the 2' X 1' hole in the ceiling from the electrical work done 3 years ago will be fixed. It does however mean that I will be less likely to cut myself while slicing vegetables in near darkness.
  • Starting to get excited about this year's DOXA festival lineup - 10 days, starting on May 22. Book your calendars now!
  • Speaking of DOXA, we are finalizing our celeb list for Exposed!, our celebrity camera auction. I have my eye on one or two already. Hopefully it will stimulate as much excitement with the fans of these generous people as it has within the DOXA staff.
  • This hasn't happened quite yet, but it will later today so it still counts - CBC Canada Live is broadcasting a stunning show by Dan Mangan and Danny Michel, recorded in Ottawa. Listen on CBC Radio 2 at 8pm tonight, or if you miss it, listen at your leisure here. (Impatient as always, I have already listened, which is why I know it is stunning ;)
  • And finally, my eldest brother turned 50 - commemorated by this delightful piece by local artist Boy (yes, I know, a crappy shot, but it was late...). Happy Birthday P!:

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