Sunday, May 03, 2009


I'm off to Boston on Tuesday morning - work related stuff, fly back Friday. Weather sounds ... not ideal. High teens, showery, cloudy. Whee. Not that I mind Boston. I like Boston.

Whatever. What it comes down to is that I HATE packing. Particularly work-packing...which is what I am avoiding by writing this.

This is going to be another scattered post. I'm still not really in a good blogging head space for some reason, but I will do my best to work through it. So, here goes my scattered attempt.

Well, things are starting to move, ever so slowly, on the reno front. I finally decided on this vanity, ordered it, expected it to take 6 weeks and it took less than 2. It was a big purchase, sight unseen - and I unpacked it with a bit of worry. Thankfully I like it. It is now sitting (without the sink top) in the middle of my dining room (if you can call it a dining room), waiting for me to call the contractor and see when he can get started. I should mention I don't like the knobs it came with, so I am now obsessing as only I can about replacements. I will be going white ceramic, but which white ceramic remains to be seen - as you can see I've bought two different ones so far (actually I've bought three, but the third is a no). No doubt will be buying a whole bunch of random ceramic knobs trying to figure it out. I have also been obsessing about flooring - I am going for the black and white hex and dot shown above...really, I have no idea what I'm doing, but I hope it looks ok in the end. For some reason I can't quite understand it is all starting to remind me of a Vermeer. If only I could fit a harpsichord in beside the toilet...hmmm.

Cats have been enjoying the related boxes. Maggie spent a fair bit of today looking imperious from her perch on top of the one box I have yet to unpack.

And in other news, my mum and I installed my new kitchen light - love it. I did mention the big hole in the kitchen ceiling last post - well, here it is, in all it's grandeur. Sigh. Patience. Bathroom now, kitchen - later....

(And as an aside, I've got to figure out the html to get my text and photos to play more happily together. Argh.)

And finally - went to see Winnipeg's the Weakerthans, and the Constantines, at the Commodore Friday. Very good show - but I honestly don't feel like writing a review, except to say that the background chatter noise at the Commodore drives me MENTAL. Couple of videos attached - and a shout out to the Weakerthans for doing a DOXA celeb camera!

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Seraphina said...

Ok, even if you have to wear suits, Boston rocks. Enjoy!! Love the new light, and love Maggie the Empress. And love the totally random post. :-)