Saturday, April 04, 2009

My desert island CBC host...

I had the good fortune to go see a live taping of CBC Radio's Go! last night. I am a huge CBC Radio fan, and an even bigger fan of Go!'s host, Brent Bambury. In fact, to use my friend T's language, I 'luff' him (luff being that intense, giddy, weak at the knees admiration for someone that - in most instances - you've never met.). You have to understand that Brent has been an integral part of my musical growing up - host of the late night CBC radio show Brave New Waves for years, he brought great alternative music to the air every night. I stopped paying attention to him for a while in the late 1990's, as he moved on to host CBC TVs Midday, and I moved on to my jazz phase. The luff was rekindled with the CBC Radio musical quiz show, "Groove Shinny", and now with the great variety show, "Go!" - the last of a rare breed, the live radio variety show.

I should add that I have actually exchanged a few brief emails with Brent (did I say luff?)- he has graciously agreed to participate in a fund raiser for DOXA. And I do mean graciously - I received an "I'd be delighted, it sounds like fun!" much to my giddy delight. As an employee of the CBC he is keenly aware of the challenges facing arts organizations I am sure, and it is generous of him to help us out.

So - yes, Brent is my desert island CBC host. Some may choose Strombo and his dark good looks, but I'll take Brent any day. I know, I know, if it's a desert island it might be in my best interest to choose a straight guy, but my luff is too strong. I'd have way too much fun talking to him. And heck, I seem to be growing a goatee myself these days so maybe in a few years my gender won't be an issue...

Seeing the show live was great fun - and it confirmed my passion both for the CBC and for Mr. Bambury. The recent budget cuts really sadden, anger, and worry me.

Take a listen Canada. Realize the treasure you have. And do what you can to preserve it.

(And thanks to A. for sharing her photos of the night!!)