Saturday, July 28, 2007

Bunkle need a new hat...

Yes, that time has come...

I knew when I bought the Bunkle that the roof needed replacing. Much to my amazement, it withstood an extremely windy, rainy winter very well (maybe because I was lying awake in bed praying to the roof gods during each storm), but I don't feel like more worries this winter, so I've started getting quotes. Ouch. Really. Part of the issue is that there are three layers of shingles (original cedar then two layers of composite) that have to be removed, board has to be installed, etc etc. I need new gutters, too. Whee.
So - looks like we will be in the $10,000 - $13,000 range. So - I'd like to make this into a fundraising blog - donations to the Give the Bunkle a New Hat campaign gratefully received.... ;-) Seriously, it's funny how money somehow becomes slightly ...meaningless... when you deal with house repairs. You just learn to suck it up and move on somehow.

One of the outstanding issues is what to do with the 'awning' over the back door, pictured above. It was obviously an afterthought when it was built - but fits in with the generally poorly thought out additions on the back of the place (which have given the place it's name, if you hadn't guessed). It is rotting, and pretty much could be removed it I gave it a good yank. My gut call is to just get rid of it, but I have no idea what else I'm going to put up in its place. I thought about redoing the roof line a bit at that edge to hang over the door, but I'm not so sure. One day I suspect I will extend the house out slightly at the back, so i don't want to invest a bunch into something that will likely be changed in the not impossibly distant future. Ideas? Anyone? Please??!

And here is a picture of my fully-berried mountain ash ....which is what you see when you're on the back deck.


Tracy said...

tough one

i think i would be inclined to keep it there - if it doesn't interfere at all with the roofing. does it provide needed shade? ok - am i forgetting where you live ;)


Janice said...

Awwww I'd say keep it!

Hey J ~ Haven't been very in-touch lately, but your bunkle isn't far from my fingertips daily. Hope life is good and the bunkle is coming along. It's looking pretty ship shape, I must say.

Anonymous said...

You should know by now that asking for ideas, comments or advice only attracts the riffraff.

Here's what you need: Two words: Stripper poles. Lots of 'em. Now I'm not averse to creativity so let's incorporate a few stripper sized dancing cages as well. Nothing infuriates a girl in ass-shorts, high on e shaking her junk while being poked with the branch of a mountain ash like not being able to get away. This is from the old Michael Vick school of backyard design. Also, in the stead of this flimsy looking awning, lies the foundation of yes, that's right, water slide. I know you've been dying to get rid of that mossy lawn and gravel parking quarry. Sanjay's got the excavator, Raj will do the trucking and with the weather as it is these days, you won't even have to fill it. Drop in a urinal puck for sanitation and you've got yourself a pool. Beverly hills, baby. Puff Daddy ain't got sh*t on you! Every morning you can come out on the back porch in your pompous white fox-fur bathrobe, look over at your po'ass neighbours, floss your gold teeth out and exclaim, "kiss the rings, b*tch."

That's what I'm talkin' about. Cribz. North Shore style.