Thursday, August 02, 2007

An Ode to (Others) Husbands

Fear not, no lyric poem lies ahead...but the sentiment is there. Once again, the superhandy, patient, and always helpful owner of an astonishing number of uber-cool tools J. came to help out at the Bunkle. This time, the project at hand was installing the door frame and door to the bedroom (aka The Cat Barrier - oh bliss! oh joy!). If you look closely, you will also see the 6 inch gap above the door - yes, the door/frame was shorter than the opening. Which, thinking back to a year and a half ago when we pulled down the walls outside this door, I do kind of remember was going to be the case. So - this means drywall above the door. And a bunch of weird trimmy bits that need to be installed inside the door frame because we reversed the frame, and the door... Which also means no finishing door trim - yet. No door trim means no baseboard - yet. But, as he's done before, J. measured all that needs to be done, and offered to drop by again.

Which really brings up how much more difficult this all would be without such amazing, talented, and endlessly helpful friends (and that doesn't just go for the husbands, trust me!) The decision to buy the Bunkle was made in the company of some of these friends, and it was their "don't worry, it can be done" attitude was what tipped the balance. And despite the seemingly endless process of Bunkle renos, I am so happy I did. And I'm so lucky to have my pals around me along the way. I know it wouldn't be impossible without them, but it would seem insurmountable. They've helped out countless times, be it with skilled labour or talk-Jan-off-the-ledge understanding. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Anonymous said...

To (mis)quote Red Green, if the women can't find you handsome, at least let them find you handy. Of course, I think J is both but maybe I'm biased :-).