Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A second home/another life

Back from the big smoke. Had a great last few days - no work, all friends. I didn't see everyone I would have liked to, but that is the nature of these short business jaunts. I'm just lucky that at least three times a year I have a chance to go back to reconnect with pals and a city that is pretty much my second home (special thanks to R & MM for making THEIR home feel like my second city-home yet again...they are incredibly tolerant ;-)

I spent some time at A.'s place outside Cobourg, and had a chance to see how the youngest members of her herd are doing: Francesca the foal, who is huge for two months and has an attitude to match her size; Foster, the yearling (and full brother to Francesca) who as you can see is as sweet as they come; Fenella (another full sister) being ridden by A., and the stunning hell-on-wheels Petra, who I took a snap of being ridden by her trainer as well & am including just to prove parts of Ontario are incredibly beautiful to any west-coast doubters. I should note that any of these gorgeous horses *can be yours!* (well, with the exception of Fenella who A. would really prefer to keep as her own riding horse). If I was ridiculously wealthy, they would all be mine (well, almost all of them...)

It amazes me how instantly I get back into Toronto life. Things are so familiar that I just flip back into being my Toronto self, with my Toronto pals and Toronto activities. It made me wonder what life would be like if I had stayed. If different choices had been made, by me and by those around me. I don't regret moving back to Vancouver, don't get me wrong - I love being back. Love it. But sometimes you have to think about the what ifs for awhile.

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