Friday, July 13, 2007

Feelin' hot...

HOT this week - one day saw a high of 37C (no humidity thankfully) which needless to say is a little more than most Vancouverites are comfortable with. I just kept remembering my trip back to TO recently, where the temperature was about 38C and very humid, and tried to accept that really the heat we are seeing just isn't that bad. I should add that I didn't see the cats at all during the day yesterday - they spent their time in the cool basement room (aka my closet), which conveniently has a 'cat walkway' down one side and under the window. They were both flopped out when I came down to take this, but sir Thom woke up. Judging by this picture he only has two legs.

Lots of work has been done on the Bunkle this week and I hope to have some snaps soon - my super handy pal J and his super sexy new mitre saw came to visit one evening (on the hottest day I might add) and we got baseboards and door trim installed in the red den - woohoo! Have also spent the better part of three days getting the garden into some semblance of order. A lawn's worth of sod was removed from the front flowerbeds by my nephew, and I am hoping to go get some plants today. Feels good to start working on the exterior after so many months of concentrating on getting the interior semi-livable. Progress!

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