Thursday, June 28, 2007

Watch This Space...

I'm in Toronto for a spell - work mostly, but a few days with friends too. It has been hot as hades here for the last 3 days, but is only mid 20s today (yesterday - with humidex - was feeling like 42C). I won't be back in Van til Tuesday, so won't be posting anything of interest until then.

Some sad news though - sounds like my favorite Vancouver music venue is on the verge of being sold. It has been rumoured for months and months, it's now happening. Rumour has it that it will close sometime in December. It breaks my heart. That balcony is absolutely the best view you can get in a club in this town. Sigh. If it was Jan World, I would open my own club - with very strict rules about who could enter, and whether or not you were allowed to talk/ laugh/ yell/clap off beat - which of course would depend on the band...except the clapping off beat. There is no excuse. Off beat clappers would be handcuffed. Or asked to leave.

I'm overtired and should stop. I'm looking forward to seeing some friends - some human, some equine. I'll be back soon.

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