Saturday, June 09, 2007

Observer and Observed....

Meet the neighbour's cat. He is large. And somehow omnipresent - the back deck, the front stairs, and the little space above my shed are occupied by him pretty much at all times. He won't let me near him - I get hisses if I venture closer than 6 feet or so. He also managed to scare the life out of me once by leaping over my head from the top of the shed as I was getting the lawn mower. He's an interesting guy, and the cats and I like watching him. I suspect he is the Tony Soprano of the cat neighbourhood. I have seen him stare more than one unfortunate feline into a quivering ball of submission, then lumber sloooowly away, deed cleanly done. Last summer, I found pieces of squirrel in my backyard - one a cleanly severed tail, the other the entire back half, tail included. I have my suspicions.

Welcome to the hood.

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