Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Who needs legs anyway...

So I've taken a bit of a break from birding. I tried to make some legs with florist wire, and wasn't very happy with the results. So I stopped.

Until last night, when I made the newest member - who is a Western Meadowlark by the way - and tried the legs on for size.

I'm still not very happy with them - they are too shiny, too gold, and too metallic looking. They also were a complete pain in the rear when I was sewing because the thread kept getting caught in the wire.

Seems to me that I might be losing my way a bit - the intention here was to make birds for my tree next Christmas and I'm getting lost in the details. I like Mr. Meadowlark, but he seems to be a bit ...beyond... the original intent. Maybe too much detail. We will see. ( As an aside, am I the only one that goes a bit crazy when you post more than one photo? Find it impossible to get the layout right...sigh.)

As I sit typing this Thomas started rolling on the blanket box. The photo is fuzzy but I have to share...funny thing was that when I got up to take the photo, my shadow moved, and so did Thom...it's a fuzzy sequence, but he's a fuzzy guy.

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Tracy said...

nice legs babe.

(i couldn't resist!)