Friday, March 30, 2007

Before and after....

A few posts ago I mentioned a new couch. What I failed to mention was the new dishwasher. That weekend will be known as "Jan's blow out extravaganza" until I do something equally out of control again.
So - the old dishwasher was a Caloric (yes, that was apparently a brand of appliance at some point in the early 20th Century). It didn't clean well, sounded like a small aircraft, and was rusting on the inside. The new is a Bosch, chosen not really because Bosch are great dishwashers (thankfully they are), but because my crappy counters are not standard depth, and Bosch are neatly european and small in size.
The shiny beauty is highlighting the complete lack of beauty around it (note the crap flooring that stops just short of the base of the DW...and I'm guessing you've already noticed the other spots of beauty - like the stunning chipped forest green cupboards - in my very old kitchen). I should mention that the top control panel is grey plastic, not white like it appears in the photo. Funny how the more I try to un-bunkle the place, the Bunklier it seems to get ;-) Good thing love is blind.

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