Saturday, March 24, 2007

Not everyone enjoys pedicures....

Every six weeks or so the cats go for a nail trim (referred to by my vet as 'pedicures', I think so they can charge $20 a pop...sigh). Not something I can do at home unfortunately without having my flesh flayed from the bone. Maggie is better about it now - there have been times at the vet when she has had to be completely mummified in towels with one limb protruding at a time - guess she prefers the way long nails slim her paws?

Thomas is fine once he is actually AT the vet (other than doing some sort of spiderman manoeuvre to stay lodged in the completely inverted cat carrier when it comes to trying to get him out onto the table) - the fun with him is catching him and getting him in the carrier in the first place. Once it involved taking my old bed completely apart as he had managed to get up inside the box spring - old bed has gone, new bed thankfully has no kitty access point.

But I've gotta say, the $40 is almost worth the look on Thomas' face.

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