Monday, September 05, 2011

A wee castle...

Another spectacular weather day in Edinburgh. We got up a bit earlier this morning (well some of us) and walked to Edinburgh Castle. I have much better photos than this, but the blog is limited to those taken with the iPad I'm afraid.

The view from the castle was amazing, as was the war memorial and various other buildings/dog cemeteries/chapels. The castle food was also pretty darned good - Pete has been a bit distressed by the Scottish diet/seeming lack of vegetables, so he was pretty happy to find a variety of salads to go with his goat cheese tart. Health panic level was brought down to yellow alert. He may be able to sleep tonight.


Pete is responsible for this photo of me. You may have to search on the page for it, as I don't think I can line photos and text up well with this app. Anyway, I think I look slightly insane, but Pete says "you look slim - it should go on your blog." OH nothing like the back handed compliment. Siblings. You can't kill them, at least not legally.

Tui took us to the University registrar's office - the University looks pretty cool, the buildings scattered about much like U of T's are.

And finally, some elder abuse. There has been a fair bit of it on this trip.

I really wish I could post some better photos of the castle; maybe when I get home and can download properly from my computer I will post a few more.

Pete abuse blog now officially over.

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The Boy said...

The photos are wonderful, and you look lovely sweetie!

Glad you are all having a great time! :)

The boy,

Anonymous said...

Wearing of strange horned/fluffy hats and being caught on camera appears to be genetic ?!?.

Agree with The boy... I'd do ya