Saturday, September 03, 2011

Late and slightly aimless in Edinburgh

A late start this morning - not for everyone, as Pete was up early and eating soaked oats before the rest of us started moving. Mum got up, went to her ensuite and came out to find Pete in her bed. I had my first shower and the shower here does a rapid flicker between hot and cold for the first 5 minutes before settling in at a constant temperature. Not sure if that is some planned shower feature to wake you up or just weird plumbing.

Mum noticed there was a sneaker on her third floor balcony this morning - a new addition since last night. At 9 am, an Italian teen came sheepishly to the door wearing one shoe. Luckily Mum hadn't thrown his other shoe into the canal.

Another normal Chutter morning.

As for me, I got up to find a message from the Boy that the cat sitter hadn't been - thankfully he stopped by to see Moo, figured out she hadn't been fed in over a day so gave her some food - hopefully it is just a miscommunication and the cat sitter will appear soon. I had nightmare visions of what would have happened had the Boy not come by when he did. Lucky Moo. Lucky Me.

ANYWAY the day started with us walking completely the wrong direction, but thankfully finding coffee (albeit Starbucks) along the way. We walked up around Edinburgh Castle (though not right up to it yet), got Tui's local cell phone sorted out, got a 3G card for my iPad, ate some lunch (the primary gluten free option out here seems to be jacket potatoes - hoping that more variety might exist out there somewhere) then went to the Gap where Miss T found a new pair of black cord leggings. It was more a day of orienting than adventure. We will try and plan something more concrete for tomorrow.


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