Friday, September 02, 2011

My Mum the Terrorist

The wireless connection in the condo is pretty sketchy, but I will write in hopes it is robust enough to post this without crapping out.

We had a lovely time out for dinner with Mum's brother Bryan last night - a short visit, but worth the effort to stop in Tunbridge Wells on our way to see him again. Managed to sleep OK, but there was knocking on our door at 7:30am - figured it must be Pete and Tui but decided to ignore them. I later found out that Pete had been up since 3am, talking to Tui and keeping her awake until 7, when it was decided they needed to go have breakfast. Mum and I didn't head down for breakfast until about 9, by which time Tui and Pete had gone back to bed (todays picture: Pete, locked out of their room after coming to let us in, his pants sort of around his thighs, knocking for Tui to open the door, receiving a frustrated"URGH I HATE YOU" in response). It all worked out in the end - we managed to check out and wander the streets a bit before we headed to Gatwick.

The Gatwick experience was all fine until it was discovered that Mum was smuggling a pair of long hairdressing scissors (carefully concealed and wrapped I might add) and too many liquids on board. The security guy asked if she had scissors on her, which she denied (well, she claimed they were in her checked baggage) until he pulled them with a flourish from her bag. He was actually very nice (extremely pleased to have found someone he had to 'deal with' I suspect), and distributed Mum's liquids appropriately - even letting her carry on a bottle that was over the 100ml limit with a strict warning not to try that sort of thing again. Mum claims she meant to pack all that stuff in her checked luggage. Pete and I think she was planning a hair scissor and Lanacaine fueled hijack.

We arrived at the condo - nice place on the canal (see view out back in snap below), 4 bedrooms so we can stay out of each others hair. Haven't quite located where we on a map yet, will do that tomorrow. We did do a quick grocery shop to get Pete his porridge oats and peanut butter, Mum her vaseline, Tui her british fashion mags and me some goat cheese, so we are well set for the next 12 hours or so.

More later :)

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