Sunday, September 13, 2009

Paris: Some big things

OK, I completely give up with attempting to make text and photos relate in any way - not sure why I am finding it such a struggle, but I am. Note to self: brush up on HTML skills. So - I will add two photos per topic. If you get lost, just count down.

Arc de Triomphe:
It's big. And if you make your way to the top, it gives you a clear view not only of Tui's rear end, but also the completely baffling traffic patterns below (can you use the word 'pattern' in this case? YIKES)

The Pantheon:
It's big. And quite beautiful. And it houses an example of Foucault's Pendulum, which is an added bonus.

The Eiffel Tower.

Also very big. I've included a "distance shot" so you can see how it looms over the Seine. We went in the evening, which was cool - and not only because it was raining (one of the few rainy patches we had, so I'm not complaining). It is an amazing structure. Part of me was hoping for a lighting storm...a larger part of me was not. Next time, will check it out during the day.

Notre Dame
Also large...with very large rose windows. And a large number of truly fantastic small details, like this little guy. I'm restricting myself to two photos, which is a bit tough. There is a great photo of Tui doing a Hunchback pose, but you'll just have to imagine it.

The Luxembourg Palace/Gardens.
Big gardens, near the big Pantheon. This is one of the gorgeous manicured Parisian parks where you can observe the the locals at play. They also serve big (and really good) sandwiches, which you can eat seated on one of the many green chairs scattered about. A really beautiful place.

Bored now, so I'll stop!


sugarlove said...

Mister Man asked if we could "take Bunkle along when we finally make it to Paris".... He thinks you'd be the bomb of a tour guide. I think it's a great idea as long as you PROMISE TO TAKE US TO THOSE PASTRY SHOPS. I want the Mona Lisa eyes eclair....

BunkleLife said...

OOH I would love nothing more!!!! I would act as tour guide (and route planner, which is really my specialty), and even buy you the Mona Lisa eclair...and maybe the silver leaf one for Mr Man (not purchased or pictured, but it was manly!)