Sunday, September 27, 2009

So I'm being a little smug...

At the risk of this blog becoming All Dan Mangan, All the Time - this Vancouver boy has just won the $25,000 "Artist of the Year" at XM Satellite's Verge Music Awards, a good old fashioned popularity contest calculated by listener votes if I am not mistaken.   

For those that have been following this blog - I like to think that this is proof that when I'm right, I'm right - rare though it may be (and as nonsensical a statement as that fact, I'm not sure exactly how my logic is working here for any of this, but it's Sunday and it's early, so work with me).  And big congrats to Dan - it seems like it is finally happening for him.

The video above is Dan with Vancouver's Hey Ocean! at the Western Canadian Music Awards in Brandon MB (whoohoo Brandon! ;)  Enjoy.



Unknown said...

When Dan picks up his first of many Junos, I'm sure he'll say, "I'd like to thank BunkleLife for believing in me from the beginning." :)

Seriously, you got me hooked on Dan. After I went to his concert at the Cultch, it got to the point where my family was sick of hearing me talk about Dan this, Dan that. The guy's a singer/songwriter stud!

BunkleLife said...

Being thanked? I expect to be accepting on his behalf LOL!
(Sorry - I have vertigo and am a bit doped up - at least that's my excuse for now ;)
Glad you're in the fan club.