Monday, September 21, 2009

WHEEEE!! It's that time of year!

Yes, it's soon to be VIFF time again!  I've been poring over the guide book, and I think I've found about 20 to see this year - though I still need to buy tickets (which I might right after I post...). 

I do love VIFF, but though it pains me to say so, it makes me long for the crackling excitement of TIFF - which admittedly was my first experience of a film fest of any kind, so the bar was set high.  I have fond memories of the long (LONG) lineup on labour day to pick up my tickets to see how many of my first picks I had this year (it's a complex, nail biting lottery system, details of which I won't bore you with).  I have fond memories of sitting above Nick Cave, behind Roger Ebert, and in front of Alexis Bledel; of seeing Peter Dinklage walk confidently down the theatre aisle to a standing ovation after the screening of the truly lovely Station Agent; of listening to so many young directors so obviously and genuinely thrilled to have their films screened at such a big fest.  I LOVED IT.  Well, except for the crazy prices and overall stress of the whole ticketing process...ok I lie, the ticketing stress kind of added to the thrill of it all.

So - in comparison, VIFF feels kind of... tame.  And easy.  No lottery, no craziness.  And seeing a film is actually cheaper at VIFF than when it comes out in wide release (ok, maybe that qualifies as crazy).  It's very Vancouver somehow.  There's no anxiety, no real buzz - just the opportunity to see what is - hopefully - a great film or two, fingers crossed.

I will keep you posted.

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