Thursday, September 24, 2009

The List!

OK - for those that are interested, here are the films I have tickets for (so far... I have 2 unassigned tickets).
I may die of exhaustion (there are a couple of concerts in there as well) but there are a couple of things I'm really looking forward to - I do love Greenaway, and I do love Rembrandt, so I have high hopes for Rembrandt J'accuseWe Live in Public is also high on the list, particularly after I saw Errol Morris' interview with Josh Harris...but you can hit the link to find out more.  And I will try to have the energy to do some brief reviews, at least of my faves.  Wish me luck.

Nora's Will


We Live in Public

Only When I Dance


Will Not Stop There

The Maid

It's Not Anime

Afghan Star

Rembrandt's J'accuse


Cooking History

Wah Do Dem (What They Do)

Cooking With Stella

Cedar Boys

I Killed My Mother

An Education


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TM said...

Wahhhhhh I want to see I Killed my Mother.