Sunday, September 07, 2008

Thomas weighs in...again.

Yes, time for the cats to pick more fabric - something they love to do. Well, Thomas does. (I think he'd be a good addition to "Colin & Justin's Home Heist" - official upholstery consultant.) And he is likely just as shocked as you at the cherry red velvet he's sitting on.

In short, I've decided to ramp up the replacement of the red leather Ikea Poang as it seems it could be useful in my Dad's room at the care home (a move that happened this weekend, and something I will write more about at some point when my brain has settled down a bit).

The front runner so far? The shiny stripey number in photo #2, on the chair version of the gold couch I have in the office. Still thinking about it, but I think it might add a bit of zip to the livingroom - and it has the added bonus that it would look tolerable with the gold couch were both pieces ever to end up in the same room.

Thomas will keep you posted on his final decision.

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