Saturday, September 20, 2008

A Brief Recounting...or is that Raconting?

A brief update on concert life. So much better to listen to than real life.

Went to the Raconteurs show at Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park this week. Of all the outdoor venues that Vancouver has to offer, Malkin Bowl is the only one I have positive thoughts about. Deer Lake, while beautiful, is too big. And Thunderbird is both ugly and too big. Actually, I'd probably say the same thing about most indoor venues - remember, my ideal club size is Richards.

Anyhoo, the weather cooperated, and it was a great show. The Kills opened, so no complaints there. Nor any re. the Raconteurs. Except maybe the argueably minor point of Jack White's hair. Don't get me wrong - I love the guy, both what he has done both as musician and as producer, so maybe I will just leave it at that. And Brendan Benson's voice was eluding him after about the half way point. It amazes me how rarely you see that happen (singers losing their voice that is, not Brendan in particular) considering what they put themselves through during a tour. That being said, they gave it their all.

As for me, I wandered down front, and stood infront of the speaker bank for a while. Maybe not the wisest move - my clothes were vibrating with each hit of the kick drum so not sure what my eardrums were doing. This is the only half decent photo I got from down there, and admittedly is more half than decent.

Did a bit better standing further back

One thing this does point out is how fabulous bassist Jack Lawrence's hair is. He could be a Breck model there is so much shine on those locks (yes, I am stuck on hair today for some reason)

And finally, I did manage a couple of videos. I wasn't feeling inspired to film much for some reason, but the couple I did catch turned out OK. Here's one...(and remember, if you go to YouTube from here you can watch it in high quality. HATE how grainy and compressed this looks otherwise)

And my life-lesson for the night? Don't think security won't find your camera if you wrap it in a nice soft sweater and put it in the bottom of your backpack. They will. Luckily, this time they didn't care. Honesty is the best policy. Well, either that, or figure out how to be a more successful sneak.

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