Monday, September 01, 2008

Andrew Bird, Neko Case, Deerhoof & Excess Bodyhair...

...also known as Nardwuar the Human Serviette/lead singer of the Evaporators, who kicked off a great afternoon/night of music at the Stanley Park Singing Exhibition, a fundraiser pulled together by The New Pornographers...and the first day, there were members of the New Pornographers scattered throughout their OTHER bands (Evaporators, Destroyer, and of course, the lovely Neko Case). I didn't make the second day, when The New Pornographers were set to play but I imagine it was big fun.

And I kind of loathe the traditional concert review format, but I kind of feel it is necessary in this case. As mentioned, my man Nardwuar and the rest of the Evaporators kicked things off with a set that it is a little beyond description. Except to say that it was funny, energetic, and got the laid-back, meandering-in Vancouverites engaged whether they wanted to be or not (when a semi-naked, fully pelted Nardwuar is running towards you full tilt with a mic and a crazed expression, you participate because it seems like the ...safest...option). And when he pulls you up to help him ride his keyboard (yes, that's right) in the crowd, you do it - bemused maybe, but you do it. And they have a song about cheese (watch it here). What is not to love? Good times.

Deerhoof were good - didn't leave a huge impression on me, but I may have been in post Evaporators shock. The drummer did leave an impression. That man drums with his whole being (kind of like Animal in the muppets?)

Andrew Bird was a huge treat, bright blue and green socks and all. I have gone on about him in an earlier post, and he really is a cool guy to watch - I'm a sucker for bowed string instruments, and the way he loops and plays with things is really quite something. Quite something enough that the security guards were way more interested in watching him than watching me video the show (cheers to you, security guard!)

After Andrew Bird came the Destroyers, another solid band that didn't really leave much of a lasting impression - may just have been my mood. No shortage of talent, that's for sure - so don't think this is a bad review, I'm just reserving judgment for now.

And then Neko Case and her easy, bittersweet voice wrapped up the night. The crowd was so civilized that I was able to easily get right up front, and have plenty of space around me to watch (and pull a couple of videos). Her voice is sooo effortless. I could go on about how lovely it is but it would get boring. Instead, I'll post a couple of videos from the night. And sorry about the occasional head-cropping - I videoed these vertically (you'd think I'd learn) and had to flip them at the expense of some foreheads. You can find a few more here.

First Niko:

And Andrew Bird (half of Plasticities - I have two full songs posted on the Youtube site):

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