Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lyle and my obsession with capturing the moment...

A brief post today....maybe something fleshier tomorrow after Les Savy Fav tonight, which my sinus infection and I are looking forward to very, VERY much.

But back to Lyle Lovett. I don't actually think I can say all that much, with the exception of go see him if you have the chance, because he never disappoints. He had his Large Band with him - last time I saw the Large Band was at the crappy sounding (at least where I was) Molson Amphitheater in Toronto, so it was great to see them somewhere where the sound is good (even if the comfort of the seats is questionable - I know my arse is fussier than most, but my tailbone was screaming for mercy by the end of the 2 1/2 hrs. If the bum-breaking Cinematheque can upgrade their seats, so can you, Orpheum! - signed, My Arse)

But back to Lyle. As always, he makes it seem easy. The guys in the band are as good as it gets, and somehow he manages to make on stage patter that must be largely orchestrated seem fresh. A fantastic night. That being said, a selfish part of me was hankering for more Lyle & guitar alone - I remember him playing Townes Van Zant's Flying Shoes in the songwriters circle at the Centre and it was unspeakably moving (well, not unspeakably, but I have no words for it).

And I managed to do two crappy short videos by snugging my camera against my chest - here is the best of the two. The abrupt ending is when the Orpheum Video Coppers found me out. There must be a better way. Or maybe, I should just leave the damn thing at home sometimes to avoid temptation!! But not tonight, not tonight....

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