Monday, July 28, 2008

Bald, bellied and beautiful...

...maybe not in the traditional sense, but you've got to love Tim Harrington - well, I do, as I've said before. The Commodore wasn't packed - it should have been but I imagine some poor souls were mistakenly thinking the Pemberton fest would be a better use of their time. The downside to the lower attendance was that we were booted from our booked table on the balcony (aka cinematography central) to a table on the floor, and of course we got nailed about three songs in ("you're not taping the show are you?" - ummm, No?). So, I wandered to the front of the crowd and enjoyed the full sweaty technicolor extravaganza up close.

I would say the show wasn't as great at their Richards gig, but it wasn't really the bands fault - the sound was muddier (to my ears at least) and though Jay Reatard did a good job opening, I love the Dodos, and they absolutely killed opening for LSF last time. But I'm splitting hairs. I challenge you to find someone as delightful to watch as Tim Harrington. He's just a joy to behold.

My only disappointment? I didn't have a chance to rub that belly. Next time, this will be a personal mission.

Tomorrow night? Conor Oberst. In the meantime, one of the few videos I managed to sneak:

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Anonymous said...

My favourite time that night was when we thought there might only be as few as 25 of us there for LSF and what kind of crazy intense sensory overload that would have become - well at least a lot of sweat!