Sunday, June 08, 2008

I *heart* Jimmy McNulty

Yes, it's true. He's been my fictional crush for a while now. Actually, my not so fictional crush is The Wire - one of the best series I've seen. McNulty's drunken, doing the wrong thing for all the right reasons cop is just one part of what makes this a fantastic, fantastic show - the complex interplay of police, government, media, and the drug trade has never been presented so well. And yes, I do have a crush on McNulty. But I also have a crush on Stringer Bell, crime lord - equal opportunity fantasy is what I'm all here's a short clip of the two of them. (And FYI, both Dominic West (McNulty) and Idris Elba (String) are brits. ..don't be fooled by the Baltimore brogue)

The 5 season series is over now, but it is on DVD, which is how I'm watching it. I don't bother buying DVD series of shows usually, but I may just break that rule for this one.

And here is something classically McNulty, summing up the major McNulty vices - and true to McNulty form, it isn't PG (I've warned you).

yay Jimmy.

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