Saturday, June 14, 2008

Trying to slow down...

A day of running around. A lot. Interspersed with seeing friends. And I'm soon to do more of that - the night is still young.

Only a week and a half to go before the big trip (Home>UK>Greece>UK>Home). Excitement hasn't kicked in yet - I'm too full of the anxiety of ensuring that I have done all I need to do, bought all I need to buy, organized all I need to organize. I should be more zen about it. But it's hard.

Some lessons this week:

1) Even if she does a great job, if your esthetician can't really compute "no, I don't want a brazilian" for the second time, maybe it is time to find a different one.

2) Cinnamon goes well with cryptic crosswords.

3) Enclosed private patios make me very jealous.

4) I need down time - no noise (that includes you too, cats!), no people. I haven't had enough of it this week. Not sure where I will find that as I travel with my family, but maybe that is what earplugs are for?... ;)

5) It hurts when a cat runs across your face. Particularly if they are dragging a cheese bag behind them, and it's 4:45am.

Too tired for more observations. At least right now.

1 comment:

Tracy said...

but you have time for a brazilian wax. for that you should be grateful.

aside from that - i also want to see cool bands and eat unpasteurized cheese.

ie) i want your life xo

(have a great trip!!!)