Monday, June 02, 2008

Up up and away....

OK.....what to say, what to say...oh ya -
If anyone ever offers you a trip in a biplane, go. One of the most surreal and fantastic adventures I've had. If something lasting 15 minutes is an adventure.

That is really all I have to say - except here is Ottawa by air. I would usually post a video directly on the blog from YouTube, but am trying to avoid too many workmates finding this blog so no such luck this time. Sorry.

The label in the photo is right infront of you as you sit in the plane - easy way to stop the pilot being asked the same damn questions each and every time I guess.

Other interesting Ottawa moments: eating in the House of Commons, and sitting in Stephane Dion's chair on the floor of the House (cool not because it was Stephane Dion, but just because we actually got to go on the floor like that). But the biplane trumps the House, hands down.

Then headed for Toronto for a couple of days (by Porter Air, the only way to fly if you can). Stayed at the Sutton Place as I got a really good deal - but the $32 I spent on room service continental breakfast makes me glad this is on work's tab, not mine.

Toronto visit was capped off by a very fun night out with R & MM - wine, meat, vodka, and a camera - what more does a Vancouver girl need? Not much my friends, not much.

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