Friday, February 08, 2008

For the Bunkle fans...

Time for a shorter, lighter post.

Couple of snaps to prove things have been progressing - bunkle now has gutters (which cost about $650 more than expected as all the fascia had rotted out. Rot not a surprise, cost was...oh well) AND there is no more hole above the bedroom door. Small steps.
Only thing left is for the roofers to do something about the white caulking used on the black flashing on the small roof on the left of the photo - how dumb was that? - but it WILL be fixed.

And my couch is ready!! woo hoo.


Anonymous said...

Looking good! And the couch cometh soon... Bunkle visit in order when BQ is back in good nick...


Anonymous said...

Loving your work. Pictures of cats AND the Jam. This is insane!



Tracy said...

looks great jan! (was thinking of you while eating noodles...)

oh - and where did you find the gingham duvet cover?