Wednesday, February 06, 2008

It's just one cat's opinion after all...

When I first started down the blog road, there were a couple of motivating factors: sharing what was going on with my life with friends afar, and keeping some sort of journal on the changes and challenges of life as I went through house renos with the bunkle. I can remember talking to my brother on the phone and telling him rather sheepishly about the blog, and noticing right at that moment that someone I didn't know had left a comment on one of my posts. It freaked me out a little quite honestly - which admittedly was completely ridiculous - it's not like it's private. I just couldn't believe that someone I didn't know could find it, or would be bothered to read it.

I've grown up a bit since then (blog wise at least), and as anyone who reads this knows (and don't worry, you don't freak me out anymore - ok that's a lie, you still do sometimes), it has expanded to include an appropriately heavy dose of cat content, and some reviews of the many concerts I am lucky enough to go see. And since I got my beloved camera, I've been videoing what I can get away with. Have videos? Well, then you've gotta do YouTube. So away I went. And it gave me that warm, fuzzy feeling that what I was doing had some purpose when I discovered that the Dodos clip I posted was the only video on the band's website - how cool was it that the band had actually watched the clip? And thought it was good enough to post? Ok, that sounds a bit lame, but you know what I mean. This YouTube thing was just great.

Then came last weekend's show. The videos I posted got way more attention than I expected - a couple of them were in the YouTube top 100 for the day. Comments were flying in. And truth be told, I loved the fact that others cared enough to comment and were getting something out of the videos. I know how much I appreciate concert footage that other people post, so it was kind of cool to know I was giving back a bit. It still amazes me when I stop and think that some guy (or a few hundred...) in the UK is watching this stuff. Being Queen of the Top 100 YouTubers for the day gave me a small thrill. My blog had a crazy (for me) number of hits. But I quickly learned it ain't all chocolate and lollipops.

So this brings me to me, particularly me at concerts - and more importantly, a warning to readers re. Bunklelife concert reviews:

The reviews are a pretty good view into my brain. Not everyone gets my brain (thankfully) and my impression of things, trust me, is pretty skewed, and will usually include as much crap that is really completely unrelated to what is going on stage as it will comments on the band. My videos may not show exactly what you'd like to see. But that's what you get, because that's what I like. And I'm the boss of my blog. So, feel free to read, look, listen and enjoy - or not - your 60 second glance into what your life would be like if you had my brain. And remember, that's all it is. And all it was ever meant to be.

And if anyone runs into Hugh Cornwell, feel free to tell him I noticed his nut scratching. I'll bet my life he'd love it - and probably scratch them again.


Anonymous said...

I scratch myself in solidarity with Hugh and you!

Bobby B said...

OK, I promise not to be a psycho stalker comment guy, but I had to comment on this post, as I can relate to it. Very well worded, and I'm still beside myself sometimes at the attention a guy who pretends to be a music journalist can muster. Bands have used my cheesy point and shoot photos, linked to my reviews, and I'll never forget when my blog was mentioned on CBC?!?!? What the...? It's a funny funny world, this interweb land in which we live. (BTW, I've included a link to your blog on mine, hope you don't mind.)