Sunday, February 17, 2008

Mothra vs Fierce Kitty Duo

There is been a VERY large moth in the house. When I came home a couple of days ago, I turned on the kitchen light and Mothra started flying around - cats forgot they were waiting for dinner and started running - really fast - without actually looking at anything but Mothra. Result: combination of kitty bumper cars as they careened into each other, and Wiley Coyote as they ran off tables into thin air. Eventually Mothra settled high on the wall. The next day, he was nowhere.

Then came this morning. The thump of both cats leaping onto the bed. And then - nothing. Total stillness. I rolled over and in the dark I could make them out, both sitting stock still staring at the window. Then both getting on their hind legs and patting at the blinds. Then sitting. Quiet. I turned on the light for a second, and yes, Mothra was back. But, I figured, at least they aren't bouncing on the bed trying to wake me up for food....Mothra was actually helping the whole weekend sleep-in idea. So I rolled over and started to doze off, oblivious to the potential 'running without looking' aspect of Mothra/Cat battles. Foolish me. Suddenly I have 15+ pounds directed effectively into 50lb/psi through oh so small paws running across my temple.

Happy Sunday morning. I guess 6:30 is sleeping in?

And I might add Mothra is still nowhere to be seen. But Thomas, having ejected me from bed, has had a pretty good time lolling around and washing himself on it this morning. Which makes me suspect that Mothra may have made some sort of deal with the cats. He helps them get me out of bed, they won't eat him. We shall see.

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