Wednesday, September 12, 2007

We've got a lot to be glad for

Plans are to see Rock Plaza Central Friday night at Pat's Pub. Never been there (has anyone? horrorshow? delight? inquiring minds want to know...) but I have high hopes for the show. Both RPC albums are in high rotation at the Bunkle - the perfection of imperfection draws me in every single time, as do the crazy array of string instruments, and reports from pals in TO are that they are a great live act.

I posted this video despite it's not super brilliant quality both because I love the song and because it appears to have been filmed in Toronto - and my thoughts have been on TO more than usually recently because the Toronto International Film Fest is on - and I'm missing it. Again. Which is a huge drag. Such a drag that I almost can't stand hearing/reading/seeing anything about it. BUT - I will console myself with Rock Plaza Central, and perusing through the VIFF catalogue this weekend to try and choose some films out here, over a coffee. And I will buy tickets calmly, from the comfort of my own home. I will not scramble to choose my first choices, and my second, in time for a raffle. I will not line up at an ungodly hour on the day tickets are released to see which choices I have lucked out on. Nope, not me. I will do it all calmly, on line, and god knows I will get everything I want to because that's just the way things work out here.


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