Saturday, September 15, 2007

Anthem for the Already Defeated?

So went to the much anticipated (by me at least...) Rock Plaza Central show at Pat's Pub. They were supposed to be playing with O'Death, but apparently they got caught at the border. Drag, from the few tracks I've heard I was really interested in seeing them play. So...what was I in for?

the venue: Hadn't been to Pat's before; it is steps away from The Chapel at the bottom of the Patricia Hotel. Actually kind of like the layout - good seating, biggish space. One lesson though - if you are there to watch the band, don't sit at the tables against the pony wall that leads on to the rest of the pub - that is, unless you want to get involved in conversation with the loud, drunk regulars on the other side of the wall. Otherwise, the staff were really great and the food was about as good as you could expect a pub burger/pulled pork extravaganza to be.

the sound: Hmmm. PA upgrade maybe a good idea, but overall it wasn't bad. The reason I comment is more on the twilight-zone weirdness of the sound techs - the scrawny long haired guy (actually the same guy I mentioned being berated at this gig) and a younger woman with dark, thick hair pulled back into a ponytail. If you happen to go to clubs in Toronto & pay attention to the sound techs, chances are you will see a (drum roll please...) scrawny long haired guy and a younger woman with dark, thick hair pulled back into a ponytail (who is my good pal A. ). Cue Twilight Zone music.

the audience: Was there an audience? Oops, blink and you'll miss them. I'm only slightly joking - attendance was really really poor. A big chunk of the small audience left after the first set (I suspect they may have been there to see O'Death), but those that stuck poured out as much love as their 20-odd hearts could. Not really sure why the low numbers - the band has great press, lots of attention internationally, television airplay - poor promotion maybe? I shake my head Vancouver, I really do. For shame.

the band: were great. The second set in particular really came together well, and god love the enthusiasm with which they played for such a tiny group of people. They deserve all the attention they are getting - the mandolin/brass/guitar combo they present is great (the band was slightly scaled down for the tour), and I love love love the songwriting. Clever, touching stuff. What more could you want. Vancouver, are you listening??

So - big hugs to you Rock Plaza Central. Sorry Vancouver wasn't giving you the attention you deserve, but come back again ... we'll do better next time, I promise.


Anonymous said...

yay! i know, it's a shame, but i was there! the friends i brought who hadn't heard the music before mentioned that their music is way too good for a venue out on hastings. and i think that's the problem -- i know a lot of people who don't bother going to shows at pat's merely because of its location (me included).

anyway, at least we didn't miss out. they're going to be at CMJ this year, so hopefully word will spread a lil' more!

(the lack of audience was made up for with the enthusiasm, for sure.)

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