Sunday, September 02, 2007

Andrew Bird

So, the September concert chaos has started, with Andrew Bird at Richards. Good show. And with VERY devoted fans. As per usual, we showed up half an hour before the doors opened in order to secure our good-view-seating-for-old-people on the balcony. Usually, we end up being first in line. Maybe 3rd or 4th at most. Not so much this time - let's try 25th maybe? Anyway, luckily we managed to snag the last three good-view-seating-for-old-people stools. Phew.

Interesting stuff - I didn't realize that he played so much with looping ( Martin Dosh, Bird's drummer/keyboard guy is a looping king). Twitchy, stripey socked stage presence. Strong, lovely vocals and fantastic violin. All good, all good. (I'm really too tired to write something more detailed. Sorry - or maybe that's a blessing?)

Vocally I can't help but compare his tone and soaring vocals to Jeff Buckley. Bird obviously is playing around with things to a much greater extent, but there is something about his vocals that kept bringing Buckley to mind.

Visually - ok, I may go to hell for this, but I can't help it.

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